Diary of a Rascle

Adventures and games in bi-male escorting

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I'm redeyedrascle. This is a journal of my sordid, saucy and salacious adventures in the world of Male Escorting and generaly sluttery. I'm a bi-curious albino (hence the redeye..) who's interested in exploring my own and others' sexuality (hence the rascle). I'm a swinger or polyamorous person and maintain typical one-on-one relationships, attend sex parties and offer my body & mind up for sexual services (tho', as yet, no-one's booked me).

This is a diary of what has happened, what is happening and what I'd like to have happen in my sex life. There probably wont be any pictures ;-)

I have a normal office job, sane, ordinary friends and a good strong family. I find this balances out my sexuality and grounds me nicely in modern life.